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Web development is the part of your project that we pay a lot of attention to: be sure that your ideas will be presented in good quality and excellent design. If you want users to give your app a good rating — the web development professionals at Agilie will do everything to achieve your goals.

Agilie has a team of backend and frontend developers who promise easy navigation and a transparent structure of your app. We provide web development services of excellent quality, keeping in mind the value of art and design, as well as usability for site visitors.

Agilie team creates quality web and mobile products with intuitive UI/UX. We take on tasks of varying levels of complexity and realize rather bold ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s a streaming platform or a universal economic system, we always apply the latest IT-technologies and approach each project individually.

If you pay little attention to the evaluation of the project, you can greatly miss the final cost of the work. If you immediately conduct a detailed analysis — you will need to pay for the work of all the specialists who will be used. Customers are not always willing to splurge. Someone may agree, but most will consider it to be a waste of money that was already allocated for the development itself. That’s why Agilie’s solution was to sell at a fixed and morally affordable price the part of the analytics that we can accurately estimate, which will give the customer the maximum benefit for the invested money. And if you want to know why you need to start a project with the discovery phase, go to https://agilie.com/en/blog/why-you-need-to-start-your-project-with-the-discovery-phase.

The interactive way of developing web applications

Ajax is a programming language for websites and web applications that makes data, content, and design merge into one. When your client clicks on any element of an Ajax oriented application on the screen, the page is displayed almost instantly without refreshing or reloading.

Represents a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client side to create interactive web applications. With it, web applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the web page. The use of such techniques has led to increased interactivity and dynamic interfaces in web pages, as well as better quality provided by web services because of the use of asynchronous mode. Typically, data is retrieved using an XMLHttpRequest object.

Despite the name, the use of JavaScript and XML is actually not required, and the requests must be asynchronous. Ajax is a way of developing web applications that combines: XHTML and CSS standards based presentation Interaction with pages through DOM Data exchange with XML and XSLTA synchronous data extraction with XMLHttpRequestJavaScript, in order to tie it all together. The application eliminates the «start-stop-stop-stop» nature of the interaction by introducing an Ajax engine intermediary — between the user and the server. It is thought that adding an intermediate layer to the application would make it less responsive, but the opposite is true with Ajax. Instead of loading web pages, at the beginning of the session, the browser loads an Ajax engine written in JavaScript and usually hidden in a hidden frame.

Web development by Agilie

This engine is responsible for displaying the user interface and exchanging data with the server. The engine allows the user to interact with the application, which will happen asynchronously-independently of the communication with the server. Thus, the user will never see a blank browser window and an hourglass icon waiting for the server to complete the process.

Every user action that would normally generate an HTTP request takes the form of a JavaScript call instead of an Ajax engine. Any response to a user action that doesn’t need to be sent back to the server, such as simple data validation, in-memory data editing, and even some navigational actions. If the engine needs something from the server to respond, such as submitting data for processing, loading additional interface code, or getting new data, the engine makes requests asynchronously, usually using XML, without stopping the user interacting with the application. The biggest challenges in creating AJAX applications come from the designer, not the developer, because the core Ajax technologies are mature, stable, and well understood.


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